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The power of MaaS and HPC on your office desktops. Without dev-ops. Just boot and use our HPC enabled applications.

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XMaaS uses the power and simplicity of Canonical Juju that enables you to configure, manage, maintain, deploy and scale your HPC applications with ease.

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Private cloud XMaaS setup is implemented safely within the corporate firewall, provides more control over the company's data and ensures security.

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Clouds, Maas and HPC reimagined.

Imagine MaaS deployment without the need for specialized hardware and changes to your internal network configuration. Without cumbersome deployment procedures. Without administration. XMaaS takes care of all configuration and simply becomes part of your network. XMaaS can thus be deployed anywhere, any time. It can be used for short experiments using your desktop computers that are usually used for office work. XMaaS enables ad-hoc HPC clusters between laptops with ad-hoc network configurations. Therefore, emergency response teams are able to create HPC clusters with their laptops on-site and perform simulations for floods, fire spreading, etc. And this is just a start. Our vision is to push MaaS and HPC on another level, having HPC applications as part of new products without the need for complex configuration.

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Hardware reuse. Try it yourself.

Setting up MaaS is not an easy task. It requires a skillful person, specialized hardware and specific network configurations. Which is fine if a company can afford the costs of such installations. But what if you just need to run some tasks every now and then? Or have no intentions to hire IT specialist just for such small tasks, let alone buy new hardware? What if you could just reuse the resources that are already available to you? And this is exactly what we had in mind when we developed XMaaS. Select the desktops. Select the simulation. Plug in usb keys and upload the data. Wait for the results. That's it.

Get your XMaaS USB keys NOW!

A special xmas edition for just $99. Order now and we will send you this deluxe set of XMaaS enabled USB keys. Just kidding! :D However, you can download latest XMaaS images from here.

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